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The results of all our 2018 Open Competitions are listed below.
All prize vouchers will be held in the golf shop unless instructed to be posted out and can be used towards green fees or golfing equipment and accessories. We have limited stock in the golf shop but are a member of Foremost golf and can order in anything from the Foremost golf website: Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of the competition.

OPEN TEAM OF 4: Am Am Open
Saturday 05-May-2018
1st: L.Ainsworth, B.Askew, T.Smith, M.Johnson (90 points) from Silverdale
2nd: S.Brady, A.Brady, M.Harper, D.Harper (89 points) from Durham City)
3rd: D.Stamper, T.Stamper, D.Surtees, P.Humes (88 points CPO) from Workington.

LADIES TEAM OF 3: Ladies 3-Person Team
Monday 14-May-2018
1st: S.Dawes, M.Douglas, J.Pates (88 Points) from Windermere
2nd: L.Bond, J.Whalley, M.Baker (85 points CPO) from Kendal.
3rd: C.Casson, G.McDonnell, L.Blackburn (85 points) from Windermere/Ulverston
4th: K.Waple, M.Foster, J.Rothwell (81 points) from Windermere

MENS TEAM OF 4: Gents 4-Person Team
Thursday 17-May-2018
1st: D Birch, P Green, S Woodhead, M Stephenson (91 points) from St Anne's Old Links
2nd: C Whitehead, C Beattie, P Shepherd, D Ridley (90 points) from Workington
3rd: C Green, P Mayers, A Barr, N Payne (88 points) from Windermere

Monday 29th May
1st: M Jeffery & D Jeffery (47 points) from Keighley
2nd: N Whalley & M Whalley (46 points) from Blackburn
3rd: P Scott & A Scott (46 points) from Kirkby Lonsdale
4th: J.Young & D.Young (45 points) from Silloth
5th: I Telford & H.Telford (45 points) from Windermere

Seniors 4BBB Open
Tuesday 19th June
1 B. Jenkinson & M. Walker (Workington) 47 points (cpo)
2 Stephen Jackson & Derek Milligan (Workington) 47 points
3 Leslie Clarke & Myron Bainbridge (Workington) 46 points
4 David Smith & Peter Fraser (Carlisle) 45 points (cpo)
5 Michael Faulkner (Windermere) & Mark Routledge (Carus Green) 45 points
6 Ray Iddon & Paul Millet (Grange) 44 points (cpo)

Mens Festival Week Open
Sunday 5th August
1st: N. Fairclough & E. Wyse (Turton) 45 points
2nd: R. Warwick & J. Brennan (Kendal) 44 points (CPO)
3rd: D. Thomas & K. Mannering (Middlesborough) 44 points (CPO)
4th: J. Hope & G. Hope (Shawhill) 44 points (CPO)
5th: G. Simpson & A. Andrews (Workington/Cockermouth) 43 points (CPO)

LADIES FESTIVAL TEAM OF 3: Ladies 3-Person Team
Monday 06 August 2018
1st: J.Dent, S.York, C.Hughes (84 points) from Otley
2nd: S.Dickinson, J.Figg, S.Savasi (83 points) from Keswick & Carus Green
3rd: P.Adamson, A.Johnston, J.Taylor (82 points) from Leyland
4th: A.Prior, W.Green, J.Sanderson (81 points) from Whalley

Thursday 10 August
1st: A. Russel & D Ford (Walmersley) 46points
2nd: A. Brown & A. Stables (Silloth) 45points
3rd: M. Pallo & M. Woods (Preston) 44points (CPO)
4th: M. Wane & I. Pettigrew (Appleby) 44points (CPO)
5th: R. Ainsworth & B. Ankers (Antrobus) 43points (CPO)

Sunday 12th August
1st: S. Hart & J. Hart (Windermere) 43points
2nd: V. Smart & N. Smart (Whitehaven/Workington) 42points
3rd: M Theobald & T. Griffiths (Windermere) 41points (CPO)
4th: S. Bolton & D. Bolton (Windermere) 41points (CPO)

Sunday 26th August
1st: M Barnes & T Hamilton (Rishton) 45 points
2nd: M Kippax & M Slater (Lancaster) 44 points
3rd: D Underwood & J Reed (Preston) 42 points (CPO)
4th: N Bowerbank & K Mashiter (Windermere/Silverdale) 42 points (CPO)
5th: J Anderson & H Ramsden (Westend) 42 points (CPO)

RAYRIGG KIA OPEN AM-AM: Friday 28th September
1st: L.Bennett, G.Varley, S.Ford, B.Clements (Clevelend &Rockliffe Hall) - 90 points - £300.00 Team prize
2nd: J.Hope, G.Guest, J.Couperthwaite, A.Guest (Shaw Hill, Penwortham, Baxenden) - 87 points (CPO) - £200.00 team prize
3rd: A.Barlow, M.Cumberbatch, P.Stanton, L.Dawber (Gathurst) - 87 points - £160.00 team prize
4th: M.Saunders, M.Elstone, C.Hurley, J.Clarke (Gathurst) - 85 points - £100.00 team prize

SENIORS OPEN: Thursday 11th October
1st: M.Roberts & D.Mee (Silverdale) 48 points: £100.00 each
2nd: D.McDonald & J.Threapleton (Cockermouth) 44 points: £75.00 each
3rd: G.Tomplinson & S.Crew (Preston) 43 points (CPO): £50.00 each
4th: M.Wane & I. Pettigrew (Appleby) 43 points: £25.00 each

NOVEMBER WINTER OPEN: Saturday 10th November
1st: 2 x £75.00 vouchers
A.Pegler & S.Stott (Wigan GC): 47 points.

2nd: 2 x £50.00 vouchers
S.Ainsworth & G.Wright (Silverdale): 46 points

3rd: 2 x £30.00 vouchers
P.Tew & J.Kirkbride (Windermere GC): 45 points (CPO)

4th: 2 x £20.00 vouchers
A.McNichol & D.Gaskel (Keswick GC): 45 points
Nearest the pin: A.McNichol (Keswick)

DECEMBER WINTER OPEN: Saturday 1st December
1st: 4 x £50.00 vouchers
Shaun Heyes, Paul Muir, Anthony Lavelle & Stephen Oakley (Gathurst & Beacon Park GC): 49.5

2nd: 4 x £25.00 vouchers
Lee Shaw, D.Cross, Martyn Slack & Chris Pearson (St. Annes Old Links & Wilpshire): 53.4

3rd: 4 x £15.00 vouchers
Chris Coates, Mike Turner, Matt Turner & D.Wilson (Carus Green): 53.6

Nearest the pins:
2nd: Phil Mason
8th: Paul Muir
10th: Mark Simpson
18th: A.Lavelle

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